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As part of a five-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the Center for Mississippi Health Policy, Communication Arts was asked to design a series of reports on evaluative findings regarding the impact of the Mississippi Healthy Students Act on childhood obesity. A report was issued each year, beginning with the Year One Report,  offering a sobering look at the problem of childhood obesity in the state, of efforts to combat the disease, statistical quantification of technical compliance, and an accounting of human awareness and perspective on underlying issues and actions. Each additional report chronicles the successes seen throughout the year.

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Communication Arts provided organization of the complex research data into understandable sections; developed concept, layout, and narrative text to ensure clear communication; and distilled the findings from three university research teams into revealing visual comparisons.

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Communication Arts conducted location and studio photo shoots to capture current activities and practices of Mississippi school children.

Year One Report
Unique representations of the data make the information easier to comprehend. This graph was even picked up by the Washington Post in one of their online articles covering the subject.

Year One Report

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