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Crafting communications that engage, enlighten, and motivate to action. Extending reach and strengthening clients’ brand relationships through mastery of traditional and evolving media. Invested in our community and state for three decades and counting. Loving what we do and doing what we love, we create. Influencing, inspiring, connecting through communications excellence.

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Designers, writers, web developers, videographers, researchers…artists of ideas and expression. We steep ourselves in knowledge of your goals and opportunities to create everything from museum exhibits to marketing communications, packaging to print ads, corporate identities to videos, radio and TV commercials to cookbooks, websites to signage.

We are a leading-edge environment: in fact, we were the first creative shop in Mississippi to incorporate desktop publishing as a design tool, to develop an interactive kiosk, and to employ digital video editing. Our two-story office home includes a state-of-the-art design and media studio with high-definition video production.


Communication Arts Company has helped private companies, nonprofit organizations and public institutions put their best brands forward since 1975. Owners Hap and Hilda Owen, wed to the business of design and creative communications for almost as long as they have been married to each other, quietly invested their talents and energies in their hometown and state, building a company with a reputation for creative passion and substantive contributions to clients’ successes. Hilda, a recipient of the Royal Society of Arts Medal as an outstanding Rhode Island School of Design graduate, and Hap, drawing on graphic and architectural design disciplines, have made Communication Arts a company unlike any other in Mississippi in its mix of creative accounts, ranging from museum design and development to advertising.

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